Wilhelm Weber

Wilhelm Eduard Weber (24 October 1804 – 23 June 1891) was a German physicist and, together with Carl Friedrich Gauss, inventor of the first electromagnetic telegraph. He was elected a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1855. In 1856 with Rudolf Kohlrausch (1809–1858) he demonstrated that the ratio of electrostatic to electromagnetic units produced a number that matched the value of the then known speed of light. This finding led to Maxwell’s conjecture that light is an electromagnetic wave. This also led to Weber’s development of his theory of electrodynamics. Also, the first usage of the letter «c» to denote the speed of light was in an 1856 paper by Kohlrausch and Weber. The SI unit of magnetic flux, the weber (symbol: Wb) is named after him.

Wilhelm Eduard Weber II.jpg
Wilhelm Weber (1804-1891)
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