Shirley Collins Adieu to old england

Adieu to old England, adieu

And adieu to some hundreds of pounnds

If the world had been ended when i had been young

My sorrows I’d never had known

Once I could drink of the best

The very best brandy and rum

Now I am glad of a cup of spring water

That flows from town to town

OnceI could eat of good bread

Good bread that was made of good wheat

Now I am glad with a hard mouldy crust

And glad that I’ve got it to eat

Once I could lie on a good bed

A good bed that was made of soft down

Now I am glad of a clot of clean straw

To keep meself from the cold ground

Once I could ride in me carriage

With servants to drive me along

Now I’m in prison, in prison so strong

Not knowing which way I can turn

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